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Grandfather clocksWall clocksBracket clocks
Long Case clocks became known as Grandfather clocks after Henry Work had written a song called “My Grandfather Clocks” in 1876.Black Forest wall clocks have been enjoying great popularity since the nineteenth century.It was not until 1660, the restoration of the monarchy, that British clockmaking took off.
Mantel clocks
Mantel clocks
Mantel clock became especially popular in France during the reign of Louis XIV.
About collections

K. Mozer are not only a manufacturer of handmade clocks, we are also a retailer and have a bespoke collection of clocks available through our own shops and showrooms worldwide.

K. Mozer's showroom in Knightsbridge, London is particularly beautiful, and holds one of the largest collections of K. Mozer clocks in the UK.

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