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Bracket clocks

Bracket clocks 21100
Price: 3354 £
Bracket clocks 2154/4
Price: 616 £
Bracket clocks 2159/4
Price: 616 £
Bracket clocks 21773
Price: 569 £
Bracket clocks 21774
Price: 637 £
Bracket clocks 21805
Price: 1434 £
Bracket clocks 2192
Price: 903 £
Bracket clocks 2195/2
Price: 945 £
Bracket clocks 2195/3
Price: 945 £
Bracket clocks

It was not until 1660, the restoration of the monarchy, that British clockmaking took off. With the introduction of the spring instead of a long pendulum clocks could henceforth be made smaller in size. Thus bracket clocks appeared and soon became popular along with their predecessors — longcase clocks.

The most famous clockmakers produced really superb bracket clocks for very rich people from Royal Families downwards. With the passage of time the clocks began to appear in larger numbers and consequently became less ornate.

Bracket clocks got their name as they were supplied originally with a bracket for mounting on the wall. The term is currently applied to any clock that stands on a shelf, a cabinet or any piece of furniture.

The cases of K.Mozer clocks are made from cherry, walnut, oak and mahogany, some of them are inlayed.

All bracket clocks are fitted with high-quality German movements.

Bracket clocks
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